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Managed Switches |

Managed Switches

Fully managed switches give you total control over all devices connected to the switch. Managed switches offer a varying array of interfaces to control various aspects of the switch, from adjusting port speed to increase network efficiency to creating and modifying VLANs.

Smart Managed Switches |

Smart Managed Switches

Smart Managed Switches offer some of the features of fully managed switches, and provide a simple web interface for configuration. These are a popular choice for small to medium businesses as they offer simple configuration at a lower cost to fully managed switches.

Unmanaged Switches |

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged switches are 'plug and play' network switches. They do not provide the management features found in fully managed or smart managed switches, but they are the ideal choice in scenarios where such management is not required. They are ideal for small offices.

Switch Modules |

Switch Modules

We provide a wide range of plug-in modules and upgrades for the switches we sell.

Routers |


Ideal for small or home offices these networking products are easy to install and use. Wired or wireless personal routers enable staff to log in from home, while some models could also be used for smaller offices.

Firewalls & UTM |

Firewalls & UTM

From basic hardware firewalls to advanced Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions, keep your business data safe and secure.

Modems |


Modems are designed to plug directly into a network firewall or switch in order to provide a WAN internet connection to network users and devices.



A KVM allows you to share a single keyboard, mouse and monitor between multiple servers helping save valuable rack space and reducing costs. Available for either rack of tower installs KVMs are suitable when ever there are multiple servers installed.

Wireless Access Points |

Wireless Access Points

Access points can be added to any existing network to provide flexible wireless coverage. As well as converting wired networks to wireless networks, access points can be fitted to expand wireless coverage for larger installations.

IP Cameras |

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are a great alternative to expensive CCTV systems, allowing quick easy installation and a simple interface for configuration and viewing.

Network Cables |

Network Cables

Network cables come in an array of colours, sizes and types. The typical network cable is the RJ45 patch cable, used to network systems such as servers, switches and computers together.

Wireless Cards |

Wireless Cards

If you want to put your PC or Laptop onto a wireless network, but it doesn't have Wireless integrated as standard, then don't worry! It's as simple as plugging in a Wireless USB dongle or installing a more permanent Wireless card.

Network Cards |

Network Cards

For desktop PCs that do not currently have Ethernet support, these network cards will add network functionality.

Voice over IP |

Voice over IP

Drastically reduce call costs by implementing a VoIP phone system using your existing network infrastructure - Add an IP PBX and either add IP phones, or an analogue phone adaptor with existing analogue telephones.

PoE Injectors |

PoE Injectors

Supply power to PoE-capable devices (such as IP cameras or access points) via the ethernet cable - A PoE injector sends power down the RJ45 network cable, so that a PoE switch is not needed.

Homeplugs |


Homeplug or Powerline adapters plug in to standard wall sockets, and communicate to each other over the electricity supply. Plug one near your router/switch, and plug another where you need a network connection. Ideal for locating wireless access points far from the router.