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Desktops |


Desktop PCs are a vital component in any business. THey provide a reliable and expandable platform for the workforce, and have a longer life-span than laptops. It is important to get the right desktop for your business needs.

Workstations |


Workstations are purpose-built desktop PCs for power-hungry or purpose-specific applications such as computer-aided design packages, video editing or 3D rendering. They have much higher specifications compared to their desktop counterparts.

Laptops |


Laptop PCs are the perfect choice for the mobile professional. We have selected a wide range of laptops from the industry leading manufacturers, designed to offer the latest technology in portable and reliable form factors.

Business Tablets |

Business Tablets

Tablet PCs offer a revolutionary way to work on the move. With a choice of Android, iOS or Windows operating systems which all offer email management and web access.

Monitors |


We supply a wide range of TFT monitors - From small and efficient office monitors to large high-resolution displays ideal for CAD or graphic design applications.

Thin Clients |

Thin Clients

Thin Client systems are ideal in scenarios where the power of a full desktop PC is simply not needed. They consume far less power than desktop PCs, and can run applications locally or be used as a terminal to connect to a server. This is ideal for businesses that feature many users with no real CPU intensive applications - Eg. call centres etc.

Laptop Accessories |

Laptop Accessories

Enhance your mobile performance with a range of upgrades, including carry cases, docking stations, optical drives, network cards and wireless dongles.

Keyboards & Mice |

Keyboards & Mice

Our range of keyboards and mice allow you to get the most out of your PC.

Graphics Cards |

Graphics Cards

Upgrading the graphics card is a must for graphic-intensive applications for purposes such as graphic design, 3D/Video editing, and CAD. Installing a new graphics card can also give additional outputs, to allow multiple-monitor setups.

InkJet Printers |

InkJet Printers

InkJet printers offer great quality prints at a fraction of the cost of laser printers. We supply a range of InkJet printers from the industry leading printer manufacturers.

Mono Laser Printers |

Mono Laser Printers

With stunning quality and high print speeds, laser printers are ideal for busy office environments or home user demanding the highest quality. Many laser printers come fitted with network ports making them simple to share amongst many users.

Colour Laser Printers |

Colour Laser Printers

Colour laser printers offer a high speed high quality point copy ideal for marketing materials and publications. Easy to use and install these printers are ideal for any busy office looking for hassle free printing.

Multifunction Printers |

Multifunction Printers

Whether you are in a corporate office or a home business user, this range of multifunctional printers offer a cost effective solution to essential office printing.

Printer Accessories |

Printer Accessories

Enhance the functionality and effectiveness of your printer with these Printer Servers, Media Trays and Cables.

Scanners |


A wide range of flatbed document and photo scanners, ideal for home users, small and large businesses and education.

Graphics Tablets |

Graphics Tablets

A must-have device for graphic designers, graphics tablets allow you to draw directly into design packages.