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Blade Servers Buying Guide

Blade servers are designed to save even more space than rack-mount servers. A blade server is a server on a single card that can be mounted alongside other blade servers in a blade chassis, which itself fits into a standard 19-inch equipment rack. A typical blade chassis holds six or more servers, depending on the manufacturer.

One of the key benefits of blade servers is that you don?t need a separate power supply for each server. Instead, the blade enclosure provides power for all its blade servers. Some blade server systems provide rack-mounted power supplies that can serve several blade enclosures mounted in a single rack.

In addition, the blade enclosure provides KVM switching so that you don?t have to use a separate KVM switch. You can control any of the servers in a blade server network from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

One of the biggest benefits of blade servers is that they drastically cut down the amount of cable clutter. With rack-mount servers, each server requires its own power cable, keyboard cable, video cable, mouse cable, and network cables. With blade servers, a single set of cables can service all the servers in a blade enclosure.

You will need to consider interconnects for networking reasons when more than one server is added to the blade chassis

Ideal Uses
  • Large Business or Business where multiple servers are required but space is an issue

Note these servers are difficult to keep cool due to their design therefor should only be considered when a good cooling system is in place