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Why buy refurbished?

Servers in particular are very hardwearing and have a shelf life that far exceeds typical refresh cycles. Upgrades in organisations' data centres are often governed by changes in system requirement as IT needs evolve very quickly. This means that there is no reason why components removed from one area of a system cannot be used in another. It's all about assessing requirement, which is why Servers Plus offes a configure-to-order service that designs upgrades according to the environment where they are going to be installed.

Restored to as-new condition, exhaustively tested and with a three-year warranty, there is no compromise on quality.

Misconceptions about refurbished hardware

  • Refurbished hardware is unreliable - Not true!
    Anything that comes into our warehouse is comprehensively tested inside and out and issued with the associated certificates. All servers go through a 28-point testing process to refurbish to the same quality as new.

    Such is our confidence in this process we offer a market leading 3 year warranty on all of our CTO servers and other components parts in line with that of new product. We have an unparalleled returns rate of just 0.49% faulty parts which is particularly impressive given the extended warranties we offer.

  • Refurbished hardware will have an impact on service delivery - Not true!
    Our customers run refurbished kit in conjunction with and alongside new components with no impact on service delivery and no conflict with other systems. Helpdesk enquiries on new equipment still under warranty are not affected by the use of refurbished components.

  • There is no support if refurbished hardware fails - Not true!
    We offer up to three-years warranty on all parts, and a lifetime warranty on request. The timeframe on replacement parts is identical to those on new products and we can offer enhanced support services to meet customer SLAs if required.

  • Buying refurbished equipment is penny-wise but pound-foolish - Not true!
    There is a massive cost differential between refurbished and new equipment. Customers can pay up to 80% less on refurbished equipment without compromise on performance or product support. This means that they are able to buy more product with less – creating opportunities for backup or upgrades they would not have had the budget for otherwise.

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