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Windows Server 2025 Standard

The backbone of many businesses worldwide, Server 2025 Standard offers a blend of affordability and functionality. This edition is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that require robust capabilities without the need for numerous virtual instances. It provides all the fundamental features of Windows Server 2025, including advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and faster innovation for applications.

Do I need ROK or OEM software?

Before selecting which package of Windows Server 2025 Standard you need, it is important to understand what ROK (Reseller Option Kit) software is. It is often slightly cheaper than the Microsoft OEM software, but it is locked by the vendor to only run on systems manufactured by the vendor. For example, HPE ROK software will only install on HPE servers. If you are not sure what brand your server is, or if is an unbranded whitebox server, the Microsoft OEM version is the only one that you'll be able to install.

What are 'Additional Licenses' ?

The retail pack of Server 2025 Standard includes licenses for up to 16 cores in your server, and this also allows up to 2 Windows Operating System Environments (OSEs) or Virtual Machines (VMs). If your server has more than 16 cores, these 'Additional Core' packs can be used to make sure all cores in the server are licenced. If you need more than two Windows OSEs or VMs, all the cores in the server need to be licensed again using these additional core packs.

A minimum of 16 cores must be licensed in all servers, regardless of core count.

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