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Dell SonicWALL provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions that enable customers and partners to dynamically secure, control, and scale their global networks.

Using input from millions of shared touch points in the Dell SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network, the Dell SonicWALL Threat Center provides continuous communication, feedback, and analysis on the nature and changing behavior of threats.

Threat Management

Internet threats have transformed from mere annoyances to sophisticated malicious attacks that can dramatically impede business. Dell SonicWALL solutions offer intelligent protection against these intricate and evolving threats by seamlessly integrating network security, and web and email security.

Dell SonicWALL Network Security provides deep protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and intrusions while delivering enterprise-levels of network performance without compromising performance. Dell SonicWALL Web Security provides greater control to block inappropriate and illegal web sites as well as to control the use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications.

Dell SonicWALL Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization extends control over nonproductive applications like online trading, instant messaging/chat, peer-to-peer sharing and streaming video sites. Dell SonicWALL Email Security completes the offering with effective protection against spam and phishing attacks so employees only read legitimate emails and are not exposed to fraudulent emails.

Dell SonicWALL's intelligent solutions greatly simplify the centralized management of local, remote and mobile network services while protecting key information and communications resources in a cost-effective manner.


The ubiquity of mobile technology, the increasingly distributed workforce, smartphones and tablets accessing the corporate network, and the demand for business continuity have made mobility a business imperative.

Dell SonicWALL provides organizations of all sizes with mobility solutions over broadband, and cellular connections. Integrated with Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall protection, Dell SonicWALL network security provides secure site-to-site connections or secure remote access using IPSec or SSL VPN. Combining these appliances with self-configuring SonicPoint access points instantly provides provisional temporary networks with secure wireless hotspot connectivity.

Dell SonicWALL firewalls can establish secure 4G/3G wireless broadband virtually anywhere in an instant without a fixed Internet connection. Additionally, Dell SonicWALL dedicated SSL VPNs extend secure mobile access to virtually any remote location over standard web browsers or mobile devices including wireless smartphones and tablets. Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions also offer unsurpassed levels of granular access control.

Application Control

Dell SonicWALL Application Intelligence and Control provides granular control and real-time visualization of applications to guarantee bandwidth prioritization and ensure maximum network security and productivity. A tightly integrated feature of Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls, it uses the patented Dell SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® (RFDPI)* to identify and control applications, regardless of port or protocol.

With a continuously expanding signature database currently recognizing over 3,500 applications and millions of malware threats, it can maintain granular control over applications, prioritize or throttle bandwidth and deny web site access. The Dell SonicWALL ApplicationFlow Monitor provides real-time graphs of applications, ingress and egress bandwidth, active web site connections and user activity.


Security threats exist within a network as well. Whether intentionally or accidentally, employees can transmit inappropriate content, intellectual property or confidential data, resulting in significant damage or breach of industry or government regulations like HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. Noncompliance may result in fines, executive liability and a damaging loss of credibility. Dell SonicWALL can help any organization meet mandated regulations, with best-in-class encryption technology and deep packet inspection to ensure ?Clean VPN,? connectivity.

Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions offer data encryption and authentication, granular access control, policy management, logging capability and flexible authentication architecture. Dell SonicWALL Email Security provides easy creation of outbound policies, intelligent identification of noncompliant emails, robust monitoring and reporting tools, and a range of remediation options. And, Dell SonicWALL Content Filtering Service protects your network from illicit or unproductive web content.

Finally, the award-winning Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS®) provides comprehensive audit trails with centralized real-time monitoring, and comprehensive policy and compliance reporting.

Business Continuity

Whether triggered by a major disaster, a flu outbreak or a neighborhood power outage, any disruption to normal business operations can mean missed opportunities, lost revenue, and a damaged reputation. Dell SonicWALL offers business continuity and recovery solutions for any size organization. With Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions, isolated workers can remain as productive from home or other contingent locations as if they were in the office.

The Dell SonicWALL Backup and Recovery solution provides automatic, real-time data backup and flexible disaster recovery options for servers, laptops and PCs. The Dell SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Series protects files locally as well as at offsite locations to ensure data can be instantly recovered.

Application Traffic Analysis

Dell SonicWALL Application Traffic Analytics solutions provide organizations with powerful insight into application traffic, bandwidth utilization and security threats while providing powerful troubleshooting and forensics capabilities.

The Dell SonicWALL Global Management System and Analyzer leverage application traffic analytics data from Dell SonicWALL firewalls for powerful insight into the network. Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer offers additional compatibility with third-party routers and switches.